All rentals include technician, delivery, setup, and pack-up. DJ and/or music is available as an add-on.

Speaker Rental

Includes speaker, line-in, optional microphone, setup and pack-up.

Two Speakers

Includes two speakers, mixer, line-in, optional microphone, setup and pack-up.

Speakers and Subs

Includes two speakers, two subs, mixer, line-in, optional microphone, setup and pack-up.


Choose from wireless handheld, lapel, or wired microphones. Includes setup and pack-up.

Bubble Machine

Outdoor use online. Create hundreds of bubbles. Includes setup and pack-up.

Dry Ice Machine

Dancing on clouds effect. Includes dry ice machine, dry ice, setup, and pack-up.

Disco Ball

Classic disco ball includes stand, light, setup, and pack-up.

Green Lasers

Green laser light effects includes stands, setup, and pack-up.


High powered LED uplights. Includes setup and pack-up.

Video Projection Screen

Portable projector screen. Includes setup and pack-up. Indoor venues only.

Light Show

5 lights on a stand. Includes setup and pack-up.

DJ Facade

American DJ facade. Includes setup and pack-up.

Black Truss

Includes 10' truss, 2 stands, setup, and pack-up.

Moving Heads

Includes two intelligent moving heads (ADJ Spot 250s), 2 stands, controller, setup, and pack-up.

Strobe Light

Includes high powered ADJ Strobe light, setup, and pack-up.


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